Shinkikai Giken Co., Ltd. often simply called “Shinkikai” or “SKG” is one of the world’s
few machine builders for namely “special purpose machines”. We are committed to
building machines that will prove both impressive and inspiring for the user.

Since the foundation of 1956, we have been committed to contributing to industrial development
both domestic and worldwide, by building unique and cutting edge machines.

Though centering on cutting and milling tasks, our machines are not limited to just these tasks
and can incorporate any plans or concepts you want to challenge in the area of production
engineering along with a wide array of options.

Special Purpose Machine Tools

Shinkikai Giken Co., Ltd.

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Shinkikai Giken Co., Ltd. (SKG) is a manufacturer specializing in machine tools. Our job is not simply manufacturing machines but making our clients’ demands for precision, cycle time, and durability a reality. To accomplish this, we work closely with our clients at every stage—from the initial meeting with the sales representative, through design, parts manufacturing, and assembly leveraging our original technological capabilities and out-of-the-box thinking, to after-sales service.


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